Masjid Noor Ul-Islam Construction Project

Early 2011, approximately four acres of undeveloped land was purchased at the south side of the city where large number of Burmese Muslims live. Since the land is undeveloped, brothers and sisters in the community get together and put their time and own hands in the cleanup effort at the future Masjid location for several months. On the other side, Board of Directors worked closely with licensed professional architects for future Masjid design in detail. During the process, Advisory Board members, community elders and religious experts were approached and obtained their inputs and suggestions.

The Masjid, Inshallah once completed, will have 4500 square foot in area which can accommodate approximately 750 brothers and sisters at a time. The masjid will have three potions, Main Building at the center, Left Wing for educational classes and Right Wing for sisters and faith based community activities. The total construction cost for entire project is estimated to be about 1.1 million dollar.


 Floor Plan for Entire Project


Since this is a long term project, the Board of Directors seek for a short term plan to facilitate a place for daily prayers within reasonably less financial burden. Directors looked at several avenues in this struggle which include buying an exiting building, portable building, and building temporary facility etc. However, after several serious discussions, the Board came to a conclusion that the masjid construction project is to be curried out in four phases.


The Phase One is the 2,737 sq. ft. of the Main Building which include two prayer halls that facilitate 150 prayer spaces, two ablution rooms for brothers and sisters, a mechanical room, site development on four acres land and 50 parking spots.


Allahumdullah, the phase one was completed in 2015 and the first Masjid in Burmese community to construct a new masjid in over three decades.


 Current/Finished Project of phase I and II by the end of 2016


We have also added the second phase on November 2016, Allahumdullillah, the addition include a 64'x32' on the left side of main Musallah. We also have modify the initial design to reduce the cost and added a new entrance.

Currently, we still have two more phases to complete for the Masjid and a parking lot extension project. Inshallah, we will continue to work toward to finish the remaining of the project.