Asslamu’ Alikum Waraha Maduahallahay Wa Baraka Thuhu


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,


For a Burmese Muslim, an opportunity to participate in building a new masjid is invaluable as the permission to build a new masjid in our Motherland, Burma, has strictly restricted for many decades. I consider this as a blessing form Allah (s.w.t) to be able to participate in this masjid construction project.


As a Muslim, we all know that masjid is very important for every Muslim community in many aspects. Our Burmese Muslim community in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a newly emerging community that the resettlement has began very recently. In order to enhance a strong community, we are currently trying to build a new masjid from ground.


Our motivation is rooted as a struggle to inherit the religious teaching to up-coming generations. More than half of our community members are youths and, no doubt, many new generations will come there after. Hence, we strongly believe that our investment of time and finance to build a masjid is incomparable to the contribution that the masjid will make to future generations.


Our objective is to create an environment where Muslims in Fort Wayne live in dignity, peace and harmony  within the guidance and teaching of Islam, and able to inherit one generation to another. As we are building this masjid in the name of Allah (s.w.t) for many generation to come, we invite our brothers and sisters in Islam to join hands and make this effort possible. 




Adam Hamid