Financial Need


After the Phase One of the construction project completed in May 2015, we are now moving on Phase Two. The Construction cost for Phase Two is estimated to be $250,000 including Architectural fee, Building permit fee and miscellaneous expenses. Currently, we have approximately $150,000 reserved for this phase and we still need approximately $100,000 in order to complete the Phase Two. 


We are expecting to finish this project by the end of 2016, Inshallah, the actual completion of the Masjid Noor Ul-Islam construction project is highly depended on the availability of funding. It is therefore, we humbly request our brothers and sisters in Islam to contribute generously toward this project. Donations can be sent to "Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center" or "BMECC" P.O. Box 5665, Fort Wayne, IN - 46895 – 5665,by snail mail, as well as wire transfer via Banking Institutes, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram etc. Please enclose the following pledge form with your donation when you mail it to us.


Donations are also accepted via PayPal on this website. The fundraising personnel and Board members can also be reached at 260-786-5858.  

This project is aiming to enhance the long lasting Burmese Muslim community in Fort Wayne and the Muslim community at large, the Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center and the community members greatly appreciate for your physical, financial and intellectual contribution to this project and make Dur’a for you and your families; May Allah reward you and your families with blessing from Allah (s.w.t).