Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center (BMECC) 


The Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center (BMECC) was formed in Fort Wayne, Indiana and registered with the State of Indiana as a faith based community organization in September 2010. BMECC is 501(c)3 tax exempted organization.


The organization committed to work on enhancing and raising the standard of living among Burmese Muslims in Fort Wayne. The Purpose of the organization is to serve as a central place that empower the Burmese Muslims community and strengthen relationships with the community at large by promoting Five core values – Faith, Commitment, Knowledge, Respect and Unity.


In order to continuously enforce the organization as  community represented entity, a Board of Directors election was held every two years in according with the existing by-laws. Numbers of Board of Directors has also increased to 15 that include brothers, sisters, elders, youths, and educated members from both religious and secular backgrounds.  Within the Board of Directors, there are several sub committees including Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee, Masjid Committee and Education Committee.


Board of Directors meet quarterly and during the interval of Board of Directors meetings, an Executive Committee that include President, Two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer, oversee the approved activities and also ensure that all the activities are in compliance with the organization’s rules and regulation.


The Finance Committee is lead by the Treasurer and include Secretary, Fundraising In-Charge and another Board of Director. The Fundraising Committee is backbone of the construction project and is carried out under the mandate of Fundraising In-Charge. All the committee work independently in according with the decision of Board of Directors. All the functions and activities are discussed in detail at quarterly Board of Director meetings, and monthly or weekly meetings are called upon as needed.


Daily operation of the Masjid Noor ul-Islam is oversee by the Masjid Committee, the Education Committee oversee the Noor ul-Islam Academy.


During the first five years, the Masjid Construction Project was the primary function and in 2015, the very first Masjid built by the Burmese community in the United State was opened. Noor ul-Islamic Academy is also introduced in July 2017.

Organization Highlights

  • The organization is registered with the state of Indiana since 2010 as a faith based community organization.


  • IRS recognized 501 (c)3 not-for-profit tax exempt status


  • To function the organization systematically, by-law and various level of policies were established and operate within the set of rules and regulation.

  • As a representative organization of the Burmese Muslim community in Fort Wayne, Board of Directors were directly elected every two years by the community members. Elections were held in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

  • Number of Board of Directors was increased to 15 members which include brothers, sisters, elders, youths, and educated member from both religious and secular backgrounds. 


  • An Advisory Board is created and includes community elders. Five advisory Board members also serve as Auditing Committee.


  • To accomplish task effectively, sister and youth groups have alliance with Board of Directors, and provided necessary assistance in various activities.


  • Organization has establish a good working relationship with other Masjids and Islamic organizations in Fort Wayne and involve in every possible collective effort.


  • The Phase I of the Masjid was completed in May 2015 and Phase II in November 2016.


  • Noor ul-Islam Academy, education institute is introduced in July 2017 and evening after school program for children are started in August 2017.